36DD boobs

36DD boobs may have been the breast size of choice when people first began using the term "big tits." They're large and supple and usually dwarf a person's hands whenever they try to get a hold of these jumbo juggs. Some people feel that expressions like "big boobs" are far too inadequate a term to describe globes as glorious as these, instead opting for alternative idioms such as "massive melons" or even "thank you, sweet Jesus!" Breasts these big are proof that divine powers want men to titty fuck, while statistics have shown that the number one favourable way to leave this world is to have been smothered by a pair of lovely 36DD titties. To say that chicks with knockers these big have cleavage would be a major understatement. These gals don't just have "boob cracks," they've got entire boobie caverns! So go ahead and feel free to fall in!

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